RGx models investment products to deliver a return on investments for clients and to fund our work around risk, resilience, crisis, disaster risk reduction and response.

RGx Capital investment products create opportunities for individuals, governments and the private sector to effectively participate in the development of valuable, pre-emptive resilience projects, while earning a return on their original investment.

Rescue Global recognises the need to move beyond traditional and outdated fundraising models. We lead the way and set an example among NGOs and the risk, resilience, crisis and disaster risk reduction community by offering new, flexible and avant-garde methods of engaging with us at both project and organisational levels. We work closely and meaningfully with investors, activist and disruptive philanthropists to achieve targeted, successful and sustainable impacts.

The RG Resilience Impact Bond (RIB), developed in cooperation with a leading private bank and investment advisors, is designed as a proof of concept model, for replication and scale-up across disaster affected regions to strengthen communities and infrastructure ahead of the onset of natural hazards.

Modelled on the Development Impact Bond, which was based originally on the Social Impact Bond concept, RIBs are a tax efficient way to invest, for governments, private industry and notable individuals who seek to influence the resilience-building aspects of risk, resilience, crisis, disaster risk reduction, based on financing proven results.

The RIB model aims to transform the approach to long term resilience building, through connecting a broader scope of actors seeking to achieve high-impact social good, in more relevant and appealing ways to each sector, and by setting clear accountability around outcomes for all. Underpinned by levels of governance, transparency, enterprise risk and quality management which is the envy of our sector.

Rescue Global Capital, part of the RGx portfolio of special projects, pioneers ways to adapt social investment opportunities that reflect the changing priorities in the worlds of business and philanthropy both now and into the future. Our disruptive outlook and strategic partnerships position us uniquely to create an investable solution targeting communities vulnerable to the devastating effects of disasters.

RG RIBs offer a financially attractive way for investors to improve the lives of communities, support vulnerable and developing economies and ultimately increase resilience in areas vulnerable to hazardous natural and man-made events.

We look forward to discussing this opportunity with interested parties.

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